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Shortly there will be a new HotSpot server taking over from
this one. The new one has been trialled and tested and
is almost ready to be used. In the meantime, it is safe to use
THIS server - as it will remain online until all credit has been used.

Current system:  HOTSPOT - 2/day 5/week 10/month - Ready and Live
New system:    Hotspot - 2 /day 5/week 10/month - Still under test

Please continue to use the current server until this message advises
otherwise. Final tests are still being conducted on the new
server and we cannot yet guarantee a stable service on it.

The new system will have the SAME price for the same amount of
time - all that is changing is the machine to run the service.

Remember, the current system will remain on
until ALL credit has been used - it is quite safe to
keep using the system for your access.

Thank you :)

Welcome To ValueHotspot

If you already know exactly what you want - click here to select your package

If on the other hand, you would like a little bit of helpful information, please see the info below

cheap broadband

Your time starts from the moment
you log in and then continues until
that time has elapsed.

If you want to be able to log in for a
while and then return later and still
have all your credit remaining, please
consider our occasional user
package in the middle.
cheap hotspot

Want to check email every day
but not much into surfing ?

This package can be used a few minutes
at a time over an entire month.

Perfect for e-mail checking and
very light web-use.

cheap wifi internet wellingborough
wifi internet
24/7 Connections

These are the packages which offer the best value, especially the monthly deals.

The £10 package offers good service for light home users - and allows over twice as much downloading than the £ 10 option you get with the mobile/USB gadgets.

The other monthly packages are even better value for medium and heavy users.

No credit checks, No contracts, No nasty letters, No unexpected bills
Just simple, reliable broadband service - from 10p a day

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Wellingborough hotspot


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